Why Travelers need Selfie Sticks

When they first appeared, selfie sticks looked touristy and somehow silly. However, selfie sticks are now widespread and ubiquitous. In fact, it’s hard to visit most tourist destinations without seeing people use selfie sticks. Although some people feel self-conscious while walking around with selfie sticks or taking photos in crowded places, they are worthwhile investments for travelers. Here are the major reasons why travelers need selfie sticks.

No Need for a Tripod

When taking a group photo, you don’t have to bother a stranger. Simply get out your selfie stick to take a group photo. And even if there is no stranger to take the photo, you won’t need a tripod as long as you have a selfie stick. Tripods are not good travel accessories because carting them around throughout the day can be difficult. Setting up tripods is also not allowed in some places.

Getting the Right Photo Angle is Easy

When you request a stranger to take a photo of you and your group, they might not have the right photographic skills. Thus, you might end up with lopsided photos, blurriness, heads cut off, and incorrect framing. Though there are programs for editing photos, your busy schedule can hinder you from perfecting your photos. Selfie sticks enable travelers to take photos with their preferred angles.

Secure Camera

A selfie stick holds the phone firmly. Thus, it’s unlikely that your phone will fall off when taking a photo. Without selfie sticks, travelers risk having their expensive phones fall off and crack their screens or even get lost.

Easy Packing

Selfie sticks are indispensable for solo travelers that spend time in remote places. That’s because they are easy to extend and retract into small sizes. This enables them to fit in backpacks with ease or even carry in pockets. What’s more, selfie sticks are light. Thus, a selfie stick won’t affect your luggage and you can pack it in your checked bag or a carry-on bag.

These are the major reasons why every traveler needs a selfie stick. Having this accessory gives you the freedom to take photos the way you desire without bothering strangers.